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Introduction | 6/22/20
The Enneagram is a tool for spiritual formation that combines ancient wisdom with modern psychology. Learning about the Enneagram types can help us develop a greater appreciation of the beauty and diversity of the Image of God as it’s expressed in all kinds of people. 

Type One (The Perfectionist) | 6/23/20
Ones are seekers of integrity and are motivated by strong principles and a desire for goodness. They envision a world that is ethical and just. Ones — like all the types — exist on all points of the political spectrum. What they have in common is their integrity and conscientiousness.

Type Two (The Helper) | 6/24/20
Twos seek connection. They are caring and helpful, and inclined to gain love by being indispensable. Twos are people who see the world through relationships and define themselves through their service to others. They know you very well and, when healthy, also know themselves well, maintaining good boundaries and practicing self-care.

Type Three (The Achiever) | 6/25/20
Threes seek value. They are driven by a need to shine and run the gamut of disciplines, serving as business people, athletes, teachers, actors, activists, and parents. They tend to seek accomplishment and admiration, usually by setting big goals and doing what it takes to succeed in order to earn validation or praise from those around them. 

Type Four (The Individualist) | 6/26/20
Fours seek identity. They are motivated by the desire to feel special and know themselves fully, and they thrive in the grey areas of life. They’re creative and resilient seekers who are willing to delve into their emotions. Fours point us toward the ideals of the bohemian revolution as described in Moulin Rouge: truth, beauty, freedom, and love.

Type Five (The Intellectual) | 6/29/20
Fives seek clarity. They are perceptive and able to easily synthesize complex ideas. More than any other type, Fives want to live in their minds — the only space where they can be undisturbed. They are collectors of ideas, thoughts, data, and the empty space for processing them. Most Fives are introverts; by nature they are monks, hermits, bookworms, and technical sticklers and tend to hate words like “share” and “communicate.”

Type Six (The Loyalist) | 6/30/20
Sixes seek guidance. People who belong to type Six have tremendous gifts. They are often highly original and witty, as well as deeply loyal to the people in their lives. Their single-handed and greatest asset? Emotional intelligence. Typically associated with the warm parental figure Two or harmony-seeking Nine, Sixes possess strong people skills, understanding deeply how others may feel inadequate or left out.

Type Seven (The Enthusiast) | 7/1/20
Sevens seek freedom. This is a multitalented and cheerful type who loves to be on the go with an impressive array of projects and ideas. At any given time, they have a wide range of hobbies and friends in their lives and an ongoing list of plans for the future.  They’re constantly exploring new possibilities in an effort to find happiness and surprise in all of their endeavors. 

Type Eight (The Challenger) | 7/2/20
Eights seek influence. They are motivated by the desire to have power and impact and take a no-holds barred approach to life. Because of this, Eights have a palpable energy — what some people call “executive presence.” They are self-confident, value clarity, and can often be found in leadership positions in their business, family, and social circles. They present as strong and can impart a feeling of strength to others as well.

Type Nine (The Peacemaker) | 7/3/20
Nine seek harmony. Their gift of accepting others without prejudice makes people feel understood and valued. Despite their aversion to conflict, their sense of fairness may make them committed fighters for peace and justice. Nines strive to be in harmony with themselves and the world around them. They are gentle giants—wise beyond their years—who influence others through genuine kindness.