You are welcome here at St Thomas!

We are a church of loving, committed and searching Christians who value diversity and cherish the gifts of young and old alike.  We welcome ALL God’s children into our sacramental community, respecting the dignity of every person as we are called to a ministry of reconciliation and inclusion. You are welcome here as God’s own.

We are a community of faith who will welcome you as you are, wherever you are from, and whatever your background.

We invite you to join us as we worship God and proclaim the Good News of God’s Love. We take joy in sharing Communion with all Christians who gather around God’s table. Together we share a journey of learning and prayer; we believe in selfless serving; we advocate for justice and peace; we work to safeguard God’s good Earth; and we offer humble acts of hospitality to our neighbors and the greater world.

You are welcome as a Child of God.


St. Thomas approved this statement in 2016 with the understanding then and now that ALL means ALL. We strive to welcome and affirm in membership and leadership people of all ages, races, physical abilities, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identity or expression. Women, men, nonbinary persons and those who identify as LGBTQ+ may serve on governing bodies, lead in worship, teach children, and be ordained as clergy. We give thanks for our differences, knowing that we are all beloved creations of God and of infinite worth. 

Who Are We?

We know finding a church can be hard. We were all new to St. Thomas once, so let us tell you a little about ourselves. 
  • We are a place for knowing Christ and making Christ known
  • We are a congregation that seeks, welcomes, and values all people. We are a diverse community that delights in all who walk through our doors. 
  • We are a home where friendships form across different ages and backgrounds.
  • We are a church where beautiful worship leads us to create a more beautiful world in God’s image
  • We are a community of learning that is open to new ideas while being grounded in scripture and history
St. Thomas was founded in 1958 and is a congregation of about 400-600 people. A few folks have been here for a long time, but a lot of us are newcomers! Some of us grew up as Episcopalians, some of us came from other Christian traditions, and some of us have no religious background at all! 
We are a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta – 50,000 people in 96 churches and missions in central and north Georgia. We are also a part of the world-wide Anglican communion – born out of the Church of England and now the third largest Christian group in the world.
More information about the Diocese of Atlanta is available here.
Watch this video about our ministry in the Diocese of Atlanta! 
At St. Thomas, we focus on worship, Christian formation for all ages, care for one another, and service to others. We hope you will find a place to belong at St. Thomas.  We are glad you are here!


Who Is St. Thomas?

We are named for the apostle Thomas, whose life was changed when he encountered the risen Christ. His confession of faith, “My Lord and my God,” is displayed in Latin above our altar.
Like the apostle Thomas, we encounter the risen Christ in our lives together and find ourselves transformed.
We invite you to worship, learn, and serve with us!

Annual Reports

One of the ways you can get to know St. Thomas is to read our Annual Parish Reports.
Each January we create two versions of this report – a summary report and a long version.
2020 Long Version Annual Report
2020 Summary Annual Report
LOCATION: 2100 Hilton Ave, Columbus GA 31906 OFFICE HOURS: 9am-2pm M-F
5SERVICES: Wednesday – 5:30 PM // Sunday – 8 AM & 10:30 AM,  First Sundays at 5 PM
EMAIL: office@stthomascolumbus.org  PHONE: (706)324-4264