In the midst of an uncertain season, the St. Thomas Renewal Fund calls us
to Reflect, Reimagine, and Reinvest for the future of our congregation.
We hope you will join us in the hopeful work of renewing our community in this way! 

Stop for a moment to look back at the past two months at St. Thomas:
We started worshiping online (and even liked it)!
We celebrated Holy Week @ Home and were moved by the journey in new ways.
We learned to reach out in care and connection online and on the phone.
We maintained outreach ministries in safe and socially distant ways.
We learned to sing along with hymns from home.
Children connected with formation ministries online — often with higher attendance than in person.
We expanded our life of prayer.
We developed a daily newsletter that has become our most-used form of communication.
This is a journey none of us wanted to make, but we have been amazed by God’s provision and promise along the way.

This season at home is going to be longer than any of us wanted or expected. We hope we will soon be able to gather in small groups, but even then we know many will choose or will need to remain at home.
We are reimagining how St. Thomas can worship, learn, and serve together, both at home and in person.
This season has taught has that there have always been people in the wider community who would benefit from being able to access St. Thomas ministries from home. Even when we are able to gather in large groups, we want to continue to welcome all — including those who cannot be present in person.
We are blessed with beautiful grounds and outdoor areas. While we do not yet have guidance on the use of outdoor spaces, we hope it will be possible to use this blessing in new ways.
We also know there will continue to be significant need in our community. Want to continue to reach out in love to our neighbors.

St. Thomas Vestry is excited to announce the St. Thomas Renewal Fund. This fund was launched with a generous gift of $50,000, with the hope that donations from the congregation will match or exceed this amount.
The fund will:
Support our staff ($50K)
Create a reserve fund for staff salaries. We were blessed to receive a PPP loan which helped maintain salaries initially. This fund will provide extra security for uncertain days ahead.
Enhance worship ($30K)
Purchase and install live stream equipment in the nave and chapel to allow us to offer online worship and in-person worship simultaneously. This will unite us as a congregation and reduce the amount of staff time it takes to prepare online services each week. The fund will also be used to purchase sound or other equipment needed for outdoor worship, if that becomes an option.
Prepare our facility ($10K)
When we do reopen the building, we will need to purchase extra cleaning equipment. It also makes sense to finish painting and carpeting the offices during this quieter time.
Care for our neighbors ($10K)
We always designate 10% of extra giving to outreach. The Outreach Council will determine how best to use these gifts to address needs in our community.