Giving at St. Thomas

All members are invited to give online! You may contact your bank to send an automatic withdrawal to St. Thomas, or you may make a one-time gift through the St. Thomas online portal.* 
(No log-in required)
*For a one-time gift, you will be asked to load a form of payment to be debited when you make your gift. You can log in to your St. Thomas Member Portal account to give or view past gifts.
This time last year, we talked about a 2020 Vision for St. Thomas, and many of you responded generously to that vision. No one could see what the year actually held in store.
With so much changing so quickly, we have struggled at times to see the path forward. We know this season won’t last forever, but it has been hard. Through this difficult time, St. Thomas continues to be a light in the darkness.
Join us in spreading the light! 
Do you have a story of how St. Thomas has been a light in the darkness (or how you’ve found a way to be a light to others)? Email to share your story with us.