Giving at St. Thomas

All members are invited to give online! You may contact your bank to send an automatic withdrawal to St. Thomas, or you may make a one-time gift through the St. Thomas online portal.* 
(No log-in required)
*For a one-time gift, you will be asked to load a form of payment to be debited when you make your gift. You can log in to your St. Thomas Member Portal account to give or view past gifts.
Walk together, children, don’t you get weary.
Let’s admit it. A lot of us are feeling weary. But like the song says, when we walk together, we find strength and courage to keep moving forward.
St. Thomas has walked together well throughout this unexpected season thanks to all of you. Your participation and service add energy to our common life. God takes this energy – your effort and gifts – and infuses it with the Spirit to nourish the whole body. The part each of you plays helps the whole Body of Christ at St. Thomas stay strong.
There are many ways to participate and serve in the life of St. Thomas over the next year. Please review The Ministry Pledge Form prayerfully. Mark the things you are already doing and wish to continue along with the activities you would like to join for the next year.
Thank you for walking, singing, praying, and working together!